Daily Post Prompt: Singular Sensation | Stephii G

I have always longed to be the wild and unreserved girl that you see having so much fun…all the time. How lovely it would be to not feel shy or awkward. But unfortunately, I was born as an introvert.
I don’t want to give the impression that I am greatly socially impaired; I just wish it could be easier for me to do certain things. Being open and letting people know my thoughts is one of those things.
I created this blog in hopes of being able to find a creative outlet to express my thoughts. It gives me a little bit of anxiety to think anyone can view it, but it is what I want. I’ve wanted a blog for awhile now. I hope this blog results in me doing more of the things I want to do. No longer do I want to sit and wonder how it would be… My mantra is like Nike: “Just Do It.” Ultimately, I just want to grow and be able to get out of my comfort zone sometimes. That’s what I hope my blog results in: versatility.

Daily Post Prompt


4 thoughts on “Daily Post Prompt: Singular Sensation | Stephii G

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