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Might be a first world problem,but…

I feel like a spoiled brat when I complain about this, but whatever … I’m very appreciative I was able to go to a decent University and continue my education. But:
I have a Bachelors degree that I’m not using yet.
Granted, I graduated 4 months ago so it’s not that long I’ve been in this dilemma. However, once I graduated I was on a serious job hunt but to no avail. This discouraged me greatly, although it doesn’t take much. I admit that I’m a rather impatient person and tend to give up easy when I don’t get my way instantly. (Working on that)
I guess I had this crazy idea that once I crossed that stage I would be a hot commodity! I had an irrational expectation it would be easy to land a decent job. I know now that is typically the case.
All the jobs I would like to do require a Masters degree, in which I do plan to get eventually. Many other available entry-level jobs seem very uninteresting and many times not even close to what I majored in.
Anyways, guess I got to stick this out and be open-minded in the type of jobs I can get now. Hopefully, this dry spell won’t last much longer.
Anyone have any advice or been through the same situation? I’d love to hear!


2 thoughts on “Might be a first world problem,but…

  1. lastnamedear says:

    Definitely been there! Took me four months to find a job. If you don’t already have one, create a LinkedIn profile!! You’d be amazed at how heavily recruiters rely on LinkedIn to find candidates. Good luck on your job hunt!

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