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Monday Motivation: Stop Stealing Your Own Joy

The above quote is so true! How many times have you compared your life to someone else, only to be left with the feeling of jealousy or feeling blue? I know I personally have to remind myself from time to time to STOP.

Stop comparing yourself to others! Every one of us on this Earth are unique and have a different story. Thus creating our differences. So what, they have nicer clothes, better jobs, fancier cars, fitter bodies, funner lives, etc? If that’s how you feel, then bottle that emotion and be motivated to get that for yourself to. Try to imagine the competition is not with others, it’s with yourself. Because it truly is. Only YOU can make YOU better.

However, keep in mind that you’re not seeing another person’s entire life through social media. Social media can create illusions that others are living so much better than you. Remember, you are only seeing what others are choosing to post. And chances are, they are only posting the good. Everyone is fighting their own battle, whether you are aware of it or not. So if you are envious of someone because it seems they have the perfect life, just keep in mind they probably don’t. 

Even if they do have the “perfect” life, good for them! Don’t discredit yourself because of other’s accomplishments. It’s not fair to you and not fair to your own journey. Think of the struggles and hardships you may have overcome. Some self-reflection could make you appreciate what you have already achieved and all that you look forward to pursuing. Stop stealing your own joy by comparing yourself to others, and go out there and get your own “perfect” life!


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