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Fear Shouldn’t Be a Factor


Because maybe I don’t want to follow the rules…
Because maybe I don’t feel like conforming…
Maybe I don’t want to just be a clog in a machine..
And I don’t care to conform to society’s standards.
Because maybe I’m tired of weighing the pros and cons…
Maybe I am not satisfied with living in fear…
Because living in worship of money isn’t cutting it for me…
Because that type of worship will always dictate my actions,
and never be able to fulfill a promise of happiness.
Because I am choosing happiness.
Because I want to really live!
Because I want to have little to no regrets when I meet the inevitable end.
But most of all, I see the people who never followed their dreams.
I’m related to them, I work with them, I’m in constant contact with them.
And it’s depressing beyond words.
And because I rather take a risk of following my dreams.
The fear of living a tired, miserable life is hell of a lot greater than the fear of taking a risk in pursuing happiness.
That’s why.


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