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Mindful Monday: Being Present

Happy Monday!

Today I am focusing my energy on being present. I’ve been trying to become more aware of my thoughts to keep myself from ruminating about things I have no control over. Most of those thoughts are of the past and the future. Being present allows me to think of the here and now. It allows one to focus all of one’s energy at the tasks at hand. Usually when I am being present, I feel more positive and aware of the world around me.

“Don’t look back, you’re not going that way.”
It’s okay to reminisce about the past. Those reflections can reveal one’s growth and the changes that have occurred. However, it’s not healthy for one to think/ obsess about the things that one could have done differently or events in their life that were unpleasant. Those negative thoughts usually change a person into having a foul mood.

“What can you do today to make a better tomorrow?”
The same thing can occur when only thinking about the future. Obviously, the future should be considered. But only paying attention to the future can cause a person to forget about the present. Being present is a great tool that directs your future to being what you have envisioned it.

I’ve been researching about meditation and it’s benefits. From what I know, when meditating, it’s not about controlling one’s thoughts but instead being aware of them. I’m sure meditation will help me on my goal of staying present. I will continue to learn more and try it out for myself.

I would love to hear some of the ways you keep a present mind! 🙂



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