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Helping Those Who Don’t Want It


I am pursuing the career of being a psychologist. I’m going into the business of helping people. I want to help people who have a mental illness, have experienced trauma, need guidance, or just want to talk.  But I’m starting to realize that as much as I want to help people, they have to want to be helped.

The most exhausting thing is trying to help someone who doesn’t want help. Especially when it’s a loved one. You think you know what’s best for them and how they can improve their well-being. But they don’t want anything to do with that. They rather hide behind excuses or rather place the blame elsewhere. Even when their life is literally falling apart in front of their eyes, they still chose to ignore it.

You can’t change someone who doesn’t want to change. It’s so hard to let go and realize that this is their own battle. This is a battle that they first have to acknowledge before all else. They have to want to change. They have to reach out for the help once they accept that they need it. Until then, there’s no use in wasting the energy to help them.

Until that moment, there’s nothing you can do but be there for them. Let it be known that you’re there when try need you. And just hope soon they will come around soon.

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