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#30Layers30Days. Day 3: Permission

  • My self-doubt blocks my self-expression the most. I am truly my own worst critic. I have a hard time believing in myself & my work.
  • My extreme fear of failure stifles my natural instincts the most. I get so wrapped up in my thoughts of being successful that I hardly put in the work to even try. Also, my fear of not being accepted by my peers stifles my natural instincts. Being accepted seems so childish, but it’s still a big fear that I have trouble with.
  • I feel like I am still waiting on permission to be myself. I am constantly worried if my loved ones are okay. I have spent a great deal of time in helping/ making others happy that I’m not even sure what makes me happy. Sometimes, I don’t even feel like I know myself. There’s an ideal me that I fantasize about finally being but I feel stuck in a body and life that is not my own. Or at least not how I imagined it would be.

I know that I don’t need permission. I’m completely aware that I am in charge of my life. But it’s my own insecurities that is not even granting me permission to being myself.

I’m participating in the #30layers30days challenge by GG Renee. It’s a self-discovery challenge for the whole month of November. Be sure to check out All the Many Layers for more details and to participate.


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