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Day 11 of #30Layers30Days: SOULMATE

Describe what the term ‘soulmate’ means to you and whether or not you are embodying that meaning for yourself.
In other words, are you your own soulmate?  Is your relationship with yourself intimate and kind, supportive and unconditional? 
Soul• mate:
a person with whom one has a strong affinity, shared values and tastes, and often a romantic bond (

I’ve pretty much defined a soulmate as the definition listed above. I would also add that a soulmate is a someone destined to be with another. So, in theory, we all have a soulmate. It’s a very romantic notion that people fantasize about often. How many of you are obsessing of when and how you will meet yours? And then what happens after you meet yours? Well, it’s a well-known fact that once you meet your soulmate, you are expected to spend the rest of your life with them. After all, they are your soulmate.

In regards to myself, I’m not sure if I treat myself as my own soulmate. I do love myself. I’m heavily aware of my strengths and flaws. I wish all the time for changes in myself. Some changes are feasible and some are just going to stay a dream.

I learned from a young age that I am the only one guaranteed to be present in my whole life. I’ve heard the expression, “I was born by myself and I’ll die by myself” countless times. So as long as I am living, I would have to be certain to care and love myself. Depending on others to do so is not an option. This may make me selfish in some aspects, but to me it’s just good practice.

I admit that I could be more supportive and have more unconditional love for myself. With the slightest failures I tend to criticize myself the harshest. I’ve discussed my problems with self-doubt in previous posts. Ultimately, being my own biggest cheerleader could be a lot more helpful.

I’m a constant work in progress. Being aware of that is part of the process to becoming a better me. I figure that I’m stuck with myself, so I might as well cozy up to the idea of treating myself as my soulmate.

Tell me your thoughts on soulmates below. Are you your own soulmate?

I am participating in #30Layers30Days self-discovery challenge for November. Be sure to check out All the Many Layers blog for more details.


2 thoughts on “Day 11 of #30Layers30Days: SOULMATE

  1. RD says:

    i feel that a soulmate is one that complements you mentally and emotionally. you pick up where hes slacking and vice verse and your lives coincide effortlessly.

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