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Unplugged|| Louis C.K. Explains it Best

Yesterday, I attempted to go an entire day without logging on to any social media or internet. I just wanted to have a quiet Sunday to myself, without knowing what everyone else was doing or whatever. Out of sheer habit, I did reach for my phone a few times and almost tapped on the social app icons. However, I quickly refrained from logging on. Until the end of the night…

As I sat in my car waiting for my sister to get out of work, I couldn’t bear it anymore. The boredom was driving me nuts. I blasted my favorite tunes and that eventually stopped working. So, at around 11:30, I caved in and went to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I soaked in all that I had missed the hours before and felt like I was a part of the world again.

I did feel slight guilt, only because I couldn’t follow through with a promise to myself. Was it really that hard to be alone with my thoughts? It’s not like it’s impossible for me to unplug—I’ve done it in the past for weeks at a time. It does take great discipline and self-awareness.

What happened to me last night reminds me of Louis C.K. on ‘Conan’ last year. In the interview, Louis shared with Conan that he believes cellphones are toxic to children and hasn’t gotten them for his young daughters yet. He stated that cellphones have hindered people to “just be yourself and not be doing something.” He shared how one time he was driving and decided to not reach for his phone when he felt a wave of loneliness and sadness. Louis’ poetic yet hilarious example of himself is a must-see.

In my opinion, Louis C.K. is a comedic genius! He flawlessly explained the human struggle with our emotions and how we have our smartphones to distract ourselves from them.

Maybe, next time when I decide to unplug I will be able to commit to it. I’ll remember Louis’ words of wisdom of letting myself feel the emotion and not try to veer from it. It is a cleansing experience to be able to face our emotions and fears.

What did you think of the comedian’s thoughts on cell phones? Have you ever tried to unplug and were you successful? Feel free to comment below!


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