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Retrospect: My Year as 25

Every birthday for me is like my own personal new year. I look back upon the year and analyze how it went. Did I achieve what I planned to do, what setbacks occurred, but most of all, how can I improve for my next year of life. See on the eve of my 26th birthday, here’s a look on the highs and lows of the past year.

  • College Graduation. Yippeeeee! College was a long and hard battle for me. I was so thrilled to finish. I got my Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Sociology. My family was ecstatic when I walked across the stage but most of all I made myself proud!
  • BIG CHOP! I cut my hair into a tapered t.w.a. (teeny weeny afro). I did it because I had never had short hair and wanted to try something different. Despite many people’s protests, including my fiancé, I finally got the nerve to do it in March. I fell in love with it! Then I shaved it all off in July out of sheer curiosity how that would look. Needless to say, I got a lot of disapproving stares and lectures. It was a time when I felt like I had no control of my life, but I DID have control of my hair. So I definitely took advantage of it.
  • J+B: ON THE RUN. I attended my first real concert this past summer and it was of two of my favorite artists: Jay-Z and Beyoncé! These two set the bar high for the future performers I go to see. I spent good money on field seating to the first tour date in Miami and let me say, I DO NOT regret it! It was a brilliant and fun show. Two and a half hours of the couple performing their hits and keeping us fully entertained. It’s a show that I will remember forever, and watch over and over again on HBO GO. 😉
  • OPERATION: SISTER SENDOFF TO NYU. Also, this summer I had the privilege of visiting New York again. This time was primarily to help my littlest sister move in to her dorm at New York University. It was a jam-packed weekend of me taking her to the usual tourist spots and showing her a piece of NY. It was emotional leaving her, knowing I wouldn’t see her for months ahead. But her making me extremely proud is worth it! J
  • Done with the Dreary. I did suffer from slight depression in the summer and was forced to evaluate how I was living my life. I quit some things that were no longer making me happy, including my job. It was an extreme risk but ultimately brought back a feeling of control. I had to come to terms that living in fear and sadness was not the way I wanted to continue. It has been a hard yet satisfying choice. I’m so appreciative to have friends and family that lent me moral support during those months.

gradgrad 1big chopchopbald  brat  friends   nyu

So, there you have it, the way I lived out the age of 25. For 26, I want to keep the momentum going. My life is not perfect, but the more steps I take towards building a successful future, the closer I can get to perfect. Here are a few things I would like to achieve and /or start in the next year.

  • Continue to build my relationship with God.
  • Marry the love of my life.
  • Move to another state.
  • Begin Graduate school.
  • Start attending a fitness class. Maybe yoga or kickboxing.
  • Continue to build my blog and brand.

Thank for reading! XOXOXO


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