“I Can’t Breathe”

Dear New York Grand Jury ,

No offense…but what the fuck?

Did you not see the video of Eric Garner being arrested that July day?? Did you not see the officer attack him with excessive force and put him in a choke hold that took his last breath? Did it not give you chills to watch a man die from being pinned to the ground and suffocated by at least 5 officers meant to “protect and serve?” 

From what I understand, Garner was allegedly selling cigarettes illegally. Okay, so they wanted to arrest him, normal. I understand and witnessed on the video that Garner was resisting arrest. However, he wasn’t doing so in a violent manner. He wasn’t throwing punches, grabbing a weapon, none of that occurred. So what explanation can this cop have for choking him to death? If he argues self-defense or some sort of danger, it’s painfully obvious that’s not the case. The officer wasn’t alone, there were numerous cops on the scene to help him.

I’ve watched the video, and like many others I was outraged. I immediately pondered, “Are officers even allowed to use a choke hold while arresting?” In case, you were wondering yourself, it is NOT legal to apprehend someone with a choke hold. Based on that fact alone, why isn’t the police officer being indicted?

Police brutality has got to stop! The people of America, especially black people, feel uneasy of how violent police officers are nowadays. Uneasiness and tensions are at an all-time high because police officers can use excessive force, kill anyone for ANY reason, AND get away with it. Where’s the accountability?

America, our justice system needs a huge do-over, make-over, revamp, whatever you would like to call it. Because sometimes, right and wrong is ever so clear yet still no justice is served.


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