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heartbreak á la baby girl

I’d write you a 4 Page Letter, but I know you wouldn’t read it.

You’re At Your Best when no ones around, why keep us a secret?

Constantly fight, then Rock the Boat, I really can’t take this Back and Forth.

I’m giving you a 1 in a Million love, and you still just want 2 have fun.



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Today is a day that will go down in U.S. history. Today love won! The Supreme Court banned all 50 states from making same-sex marriage illegal. Now, no matter who you love, you are able to profess your love and tie the knot ANYWHERE in the country! This is a major progressive step. I am so happy that this has finally happened.

Although the one I love is the opposite sex, this still brings me joy. People should be able to love who they want, no matter the sex.

Yay America! You got something right for a change.





Let’s face it… breakups suck.

     It’s okay to mourn a lost love/”failed” relationship. Take all the time you need to accept that it’s over. However, the moment you realize things will never be the same/how it’s supposed to be, that’s the hardest part. That will make you feel like you’re drowning in a pool of despair. Yeah, it’s that bad.

     Would you believe me if I told you though, that it is also the moment that things will get easier. Once you accept that it’s truly over because it’s irreparable, that’s when you can allow yourself to let go and move forward with your life.

    Also, I use the term “failed” relationship very loosely. I believe that there are healthy or unhealthy relationships. Simply put , if a relationship is too unhealthy to maintain, that’s when a breakup is imminent. Saying “failed” relationship implies that something went wrong and the parties are meant to be together. Maybe when you first break-up  you will feel like you two were meant to be together, but soon you will realize that’s not the case. Life will go on, you may have richer experiences and possibly find someone who is even better a fit for you. 

     So for now, enjoy all the ice cream binges, miserable heartaches, and sad love songs. Soon this pain will be a distant memory, and you will be able to reflect on this break-up and maybe even giggle at yourself. After all, most can’t see what they saw in their ex anymore anyways.

Stay up my friends.