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It’s easy to become the type of person you don’t want to become. With lack of inner motivation or any inspiration in sight, I have easily become an empty version of myself.
Sure, I can use the excuse of how life gets so hectic. Easy to get sucked into the boring routines of it. It’s all true,  but still.
I look in the mirror and can’t even recognize myself. All the resolutions I set in place just a mere few months ago now a distant memory. GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF!
Don’t panic. Because every day when the sun rises it is a new day, new page, new song, new beginning, etc…take whichever analogy you like. But I know as long as my heart is beating that I have the gift of life.

That means there is still time on my side.
So as I look into this mirror and see a few things that I can work to adjust-mind, body, spirit- I quickly set aside my guilt and remind myself to get back to work.
As long as I am alive, it’s never too late.

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Goodbye 2014! Hello 2015 ;)

Happy New Year Champagne 2015 (click to view)

Just like many others, I am welcoming 2015 with wide open arms! I am embracing the new year and the new memories that are in store for me.

Every new year brings about excitement and inspiration. It’s a time where most are inspired to make their lives better in anyway possible. Today, the last day of the year, is the day we reflect on our choices for the last 365 days. Did we keep our resolutions? Did we achieve any new feats? And ultimately, are we happy with ourselves and our life?

This year for me was emotionally taxing. I spent the majority of it in a moderate depression and the general feeling of unhappiness. Some family issues arose and pushed me to ultimate stress levels. So, hence why I am running to the new year , just praying things will be different!

I’m not saying my life was horrible, because it wasn’t and I did get to do some awesome things in 2014. But the unhappiness in my life forced me to make drastic decisions and step outside of my comfort zone. That’s exactly when things began to look up for me.

I’m already sure that 2015 will be different. Hopefully, there will be quite a few changes. Although change makes me anxious, I am oh so ready for it!

Here are my 2015 New Years Resolution:

  • Be punctual
  • Having perseverance in all things I do
  • Improving my health (mind + body)
  • Continue to push myself out of my own comfort zone

In the comment section below, share with me some of your new years resolutions? Did you accomplish any that you set for 2014?

Until next time world…


my life

Worry Warrior

I am extremely good at worrying. If it was a talent, I would boast, but unfortunately it’s not. If there were award ceremonies to those with high anxiety, I’m sure I would win at least one category. However, imagine the anxiety I would feel from having to give an acceptance speech…

I’ve always been this way, since as far back as I can remember. I think my grandmother passed this awesome trait to my siblings and me. I can find a way to worry about the smallest of things. But as of lately, I’ve had quite a few legitimate reasons to feel some high anxiety.

At the end of this year, I am turning the big 25! I will be a quarter of a century old, and when I put it like that, I want to curl up in the fetal position and cry. However, when I was younger I thought my life would be just a tad more established than it is now. My younger self imagined by the age of 25 that I would be done with college (Graduate school included), own a house, be married, and getting ready for my first child at the least. I haven’t completed any of those feats. But the good thing is I’m not too far off.

This winter, I will be completing my Bachelor’s degree. Next June, I will be marrying my amazing fiancé. So, these next few months will be filled with me planning a wedding, completing my degree, and applying to graduate school. I am open to attending a graduate school out-of-state, so moving and all the stressors of that might be thrown into the mix shortly after.

I am a very fortunate lady; these are all fantastic, exciting things coming my way. My problem is that it seems like they are coming too closely together. While this is all happening, there’s a voice inside of me telling me that I’m getting older and that I’m already behind for my age. I know this is nonsense and that life is no race, but that inner voice in me won’t quit.

The truth is, I know now that life passes by so quickly. All my elders used to warn me that and boy, were they right! Obviously, life events don’t go as planned, or take longer than expected. Life is just filled with obstacles and hurdles that I truly believe prepare you for the next leg of the race. They set you back on time, but truly prepare you and shape you into a better you.

So, time has crept up on me. And I’m worried because some huge changes are about to occur within the next year or so. While I’m worrying about that, I’m worried that I’m not doing this “life” thing right and am behind. So what? My life is not exactly what I envisioned when I was 10; what the hell did I know at that age anyways?! Other than Barbie dolls were the best.

My nerves will be shot for the next year but I have a feeling it will be worth it.