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slow stroll to your dreams.

“Follow your dreams!”

I’d like to argue the above quote is one of the most common expressions shared in life. And pretty damn good advice!

Because what is life without experiencing love, joy, and success? An empty vast of time in which we just await death. Unfulfilling and lonely.

Okay so, follow your dreams. But how?

That’s the thing, there is no one way. And that’s a frustrating fact for many that need help getting started on the journey. But it’s also a beautiful thing if you really think about it.

Because not all dreams are alike. So it would make sense, for example,that someone who  desires to own a gelato shop and an aspiring fashion designer would have different steps to take to making their dream come true.

But what is true in all cases of those trying to make their dreams reality is that YOU HAVE TO DO THE WORK. It’s really not enough to just talk about it. May seem pretty common sense, I know, but you’d be surprised how hard it is for those that are:

  • crippled with doubt
  • afraid of failure
  • afraid of success
  • unmotivated/lazy
  • mentally unstable
  • lacking resources

You get the point. So it takes them a little longer to get to working on their goals. I imagine that there will come a day for them where they get too restless and fed up of not living the life they wish to live. Or, even better, they get the right inspiration/epiphany/ realization at the right time that sets them in motion.

And it’s okay to be experiencing all those things listed above, but you have to find a way through it. Because nothing will come to fruition without actual effort.

Remember, it’s not a race. It sure feels like it sometimes. Some are born running to the finish line, and others choose to take the scenic route. Just get there.






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Late Night Confession

I’ve done my part.
I’m ready to follow my dreams.
Go away guilt.
I’m not being selfish, please tell me…
Am I being selfish?
No, of course not.
It’s time for selfish anyways.
Nobody understands.
And that’s okay, how can you expect them to?
Forget them all.
Thanks for your concern,
But I’m tired of speaking of it.
I’ve made up my mind.
It’s time to start living out my dreams.
You’ll see…
Sure it will be hard at first,
But I’m willing to fight like hell.
That’s all I can do anyways.

Believing in myself:
That’s my ultimate goal.

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Fear Shouldn’t Be a Factor


Because maybe I don’t want to follow the rules…
Because maybe I don’t feel like conforming…
Maybe I don’t want to just be a clog in a machine..
And I don’t care to conform to society’s standards.
Because maybe I’m tired of weighing the pros and cons…
Maybe I am not satisfied with living in fear…
Because living in worship of money isn’t cutting it for me…
Because that type of worship will always dictate my actions,
and never be able to fulfill a promise of happiness.
Because I am choosing happiness.
Because I want to really live!
Because I want to have little to no regrets when I meet the inevitable end.
But most of all, I see the people who never followed their dreams.
I’m related to them, I work with them, I’m in constant contact with them.
And it’s depressing beyond words.
And because I rather take a risk of following my dreams.
The fear of living a tired, miserable life is hell of a lot greater than the fear of taking a risk in pursuing happiness.
That’s why.