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slow stroll to your dreams.

“Follow your dreams!”

I’d like to argue the above quote is one of the most common expressions shared in life. And pretty damn good advice!

Because what is life without experiencing love, joy, and success? An empty vast of time in which we just await death. Unfulfilling and lonely.

Okay so, follow your dreams. But how?

That’s the thing, there is no one way. And that’s a frustrating fact for many that need help getting started on the journey. But it’s also a beautiful thing if you really think about it.

Because not all dreams are alike. So it would make sense, for example,that someone who  desires to own a gelato shop and an aspiring fashion designer would have different steps to take to making their dream come true.

But what is true in all cases of those trying to make their dreams reality is that YOU HAVE TO DO THE WORK. It’s really not enough to just talk about it. May seem pretty common sense, I know, but you’d be surprised how hard it is for those that are:

  • crippled with doubt
  • afraid of failure
  • afraid of success
  • unmotivated/lazy
  • mentally unstable
  • lacking resources

You get the point. So it takes them a little longer to get to working on their goals. I imagine that there will come a day for them where they get too restless and fed up of not living the life they wish to live. Or, even better, they get the right inspiration/epiphany/ realization at the right time that sets them in motion.

And it’s okay to be experiencing all those things listed above, but you have to find a way through it. Because nothing will come to fruition without actual effort.

Remember, it’s not a race. It sure feels like it sometimes. Some are born running to the finish line, and others choose to take the scenic route. Just get there.






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Happy Thanksgiving!

I am most thankful this year for my life. Without my life, or good health, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the gifts life has to offer. My life may not be perfect but it’s a good one. It is worthy of my appreciation. And I may not be exactly where I want to be and that’s okay. I’m working on it.

The beauty of every new day is that we are blessed with another chance to experience this world. Take advantage of that blessing.

Go learn something new. Be kind to a stranger. Give back to your community. Take time to love and care for yourself. Follow your dreams. The limits are boundless…

Here’s a list of what I am thankful for (from most important to not so important):

  • My life + Good health
  • Family
  • Soon-to-be Husband, Cameron
  • Close Friends
  • My Crazy dog, Charlie
  • My home
  • The troops (thank your for your service!)
  • My blog followers
  • Music
  • Curly Hair products
  • Books
  • Netflix
  • Chocolate
  • Pizza
  • Actually, all food (except seafood) 🙂

In the comments below, feel free to share what you are thankful for this time of year.

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Day 12 of #30Layers30Days: Playground

There are two places that I consider my happy place: the beach and bookstore.

The beach calms my soul. Whenever I feel distressed, a visit to the beach can restore my senses. Perhaps it’s the sound of the waves that soothes me. Or perhaps it’s the salty wind that blows through my hair. Whatever it is, the beach is just my little escape from the world. I can easily look out into the vast ocean and let my thoughts go free. After a visit, I usually feel refreshed and restored. Since I live in Florida, I usually visit the beach fairly often. Beautiful beaches are just a perk of living in South Florida. 😉

Any bookstore/library is another place that I love to go to. When I walk into a bookstore, I feel like a kid in a candy store! Pure joy fills my heart. All the knowledge and entertainment in the room excites me. Plus the smell of books is a weakness of mine. Yes, I know, I’m strange. Most of all, I love to see other people that are as enthusiastic about books in there. I feel most at ease when I’m perusing bookshelves, looking for a great read. Sometimes life can be too demanding to lounge in a book store. I try to visit book stores as often as possible, but not as much as I’d like.

What are your happy places? Where do you feel most comfortable and able to let down your defenses? Share in the comment box below.

I am participating in the #30Layers30Days self-discovery challenge all November. Be sure to check out All the Many Layers Blog for more details.

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I Know What Happens to a Dream Deferred

I used to be so afraid to share my writing. So I have had private journals to myself my whole life. But lately I’ve been feeling more brave to share with the world what I love to do; to write. I’m in love with words, and what they can mean, how they can make you feel, etc. I’m a sucker for a well-written poem, prose, article, essay, hell…even a tweet. My love affair with words is one I can no longer keep to myself!

Months ago, I wrote what I interpret to occur when a dream is deferred. This is what I believe happens to the creative/ innovative/ passionate soul that doesn’t get to fulfill it’s dream:

“What happens to a dream deferred?

Does it dry up

Like a raisin in the sun?”

‘A Dream Deferred’ by Langston Hughes

What happens to the creative mind that craves some sort of release…

Yet, the only thing holding her back is…herself?

Words, visions, and ideas float in her cranium until she feels full but never does she allow herself to let it out. To express herself.

So what happens to the soul that can never truly achieve peace because it’s afraid?

What happens to the coward that has the ability to create but simply chooses not to? Does the dream truly dry up in the sun, like Mr. Langston Hughes suggested?

I need to know the answer because the guilt, the shame, the pent up emotions are driving me insane. What happens when she has a hard time betting on herself and can’t possibly expect others to bet on her too?

I suppose nothing. The world goes unchanged, never getting a chance to experience her art.

But the dream doesn’t dry up…it stays there, in her head, in her heart, gnawing at her until she goes mad…which will be when it’s too big to ignore.

It’s too big to ignore. Here you go world…


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Monday Motivation: Stop Stealing Your Own Joy

The above quote is so true! How many times have you compared your life to someone else, only to be left with the feeling of jealousy or feeling blue? I know I personally have to remind myself from time to time to STOP.

Stop comparing yourself to others! Every one of us on this Earth are unique and have a different story. Thus creating our differences. So what, they have nicer clothes, better jobs, fancier cars, fitter bodies, funner lives, etc? If that’s how you feel, then bottle that emotion and be motivated to get that for yourself to. Try to imagine the competition is not with others, it’s with yourself. Because it truly is. Only YOU can make YOU better.

However, keep in mind that you’re not seeing another person’s entire life through social media. Social media can create illusions that others are living so much better than you. Remember, you are only seeing what others are choosing to post. And chances are, they are only posting the good. Everyone is fighting their own battle, whether you are aware of it or not. So if you are envious of someone because it seems they have the perfect life, just keep in mind they probably don’t. 

Even if they do have the “perfect” life, good for them! Don’t discredit yourself because of other’s accomplishments. It’s not fair to you and not fair to your own journey. Think of the struggles and hardships you may have overcome. Some self-reflection could make you appreciate what you have already achieved and all that you look forward to pursuing. Stop stealing your own joy by comparing yourself to others, and go out there and get your own “perfect” life!

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Dear Woman…

Dear Woman,

You are beautiful,

Inside and out. 

Stop focusing on your flaws

And embrace your special traits that make you YOU!

And if they don’t think you’re beautiful, well…

Screw them.


Dear Woman, 

You are different and not everyone will get it.

The ones who appreciate your uniqueness, love and cherish them.

The ones who don’t get it but respectfully tolerate it, thank them.

The ones who blatantly ostracize you for your individualism and do not want to understand, well…

Screw them.