love, my work

heartbreak รก la baby girl

I’d write you a 4 Page Letter, but I know you wouldn’t read it.

You’re At Your Best when no ones around, why keep us a secret?

Constantly fight, then Rock the Boat, I really can’t take this Back and Forth.

I’m giving you a 1 in a Million love, and you still just want 2 have fun.




Last year, I fell in even more in love with Solange, especially her EP ‘True.’ This was way before the leaked footage of the fight in the elevator with Jay-Z. And even after, I still love her to death. She has a brilliant soul that is totally fresh and inspiring. She also has an amazing creative spirit that I feel many artists are lacking nowadays.
There are very few EP’s/albums that I enjoy listening to every single song, but ‘True’ has no songs that I skip. Ever. It’s a brilliant piece of work that I suggest many listen to.
Here’s one of my faves from the EP, ‘Bad Girls (Verdine Version).’