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heartbreak á la baby girl

I’d write you a 4 Page Letter, but I know you wouldn’t read it.

You’re At Your Best when no ones around, why keep us a secret?

Constantly fight, then Rock the Boat, I really can’t take this Back and Forth.

I’m giving you a 1 in a Million love, and you still just want 2 have fun.



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#30layers30days: Day 1: I Am…

I am…

I am Stephanie.

I am two races in one body.

I am a quiet girl with a tumultuous soul.

I am always thinking, calculating, dreaming…

I am a little bit mad, but that’s what drives me.

I am a product of a harsh environment yet still filled with love.

I am choosing happiness for now and for always.

I am a person constantly evolving.

I am not perfect,

and I am coming to terms with that.

I am beautifully flawed.

I am living my life on my own terms.


I’m participating in the #30layers30days challenge by GG Renee. It’s a self-discovery challenge for the whole month of November. Be sure to check out her blog for more details.

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I Know What Happens to a Dream Deferred

I used to be so afraid to share my writing. So I have had private journals to myself my whole life. But lately I’ve been feeling more brave to share with the world what I love to do; to write. I’m in love with words, and what they can mean, how they can make you feel, etc. I’m a sucker for a well-written poem, prose, article, essay, hell…even a tweet. My love affair with words is one I can no longer keep to myself!

Months ago, I wrote what I interpret to occur when a dream is deferred. This is what I believe happens to the creative/ innovative/ passionate soul that doesn’t get to fulfill it’s dream:

“What happens to a dream deferred?

Does it dry up

Like a raisin in the sun?”

‘A Dream Deferred’ by Langston Hughes

What happens to the creative mind that craves some sort of release…

Yet, the only thing holding her back is…herself?

Words, visions, and ideas float in her cranium until she feels full but never does she allow herself to let it out. To express herself.

So what happens to the soul that can never truly achieve peace because it’s afraid?

What happens to the coward that has the ability to create but simply chooses not to? Does the dream truly dry up in the sun, like Mr. Langston Hughes suggested?

I need to know the answer because the guilt, the shame, the pent up emotions are driving me insane. What happens when she has a hard time betting on herself and can’t possibly expect others to bet on her too?

I suppose nothing. The world goes unchanged, never getting a chance to experience her art.

But the dream doesn’t dry up…it stays there, in her head, in her heart, gnawing at her until she goes mad…which will be when it’s too big to ignore.

It’s too big to ignore. Here you go world…


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Blue Sky

blue sky

I want to feel like how the blue sky appears.

Want my soul to be draped in warmth, like the sun is near.

Want my soul so bright, take my breath away,

Just as gorgeous as a sunny day.

I want to feel as open as the abundant sky.

As light and airy as the clouds that hang way up high.

Just as deep and tranquil as it’s blue hue,

I want to feel inside what Mother Nature can effortlessly do.

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Late Night Confession

I’ve done my part.
I’m ready to follow my dreams.
Go away guilt.
I’m not being selfish, please tell me…
Am I being selfish?
No, of course not.
It’s time for selfish anyways.
Nobody understands.
And that’s okay, how can you expect them to?
Forget them all.
Thanks for your concern,
But I’m tired of speaking of it.
I’ve made up my mind.
It’s time to start living out my dreams.
You’ll see…
Sure it will be hard at first,
But I’m willing to fight like hell.
That’s all I can do anyways.

Believing in myself:
That’s my ultimate goal.

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Dear Woman…

Dear Woman,

You are beautiful,

Inside and out. 

Stop focusing on your flaws

And embrace your special traits that make you YOU!

And if they don’t think you’re beautiful, well…

Screw them.


Dear Woman, 

You are different and not everyone will get it.

The ones who appreciate your uniqueness, love and cherish them.

The ones who don’t get it but respectfully tolerate it, thank them.

The ones who blatantly ostracize you for your individualism and do not want to understand, well…

Screw them.